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Signing up for a free trial account

The best way to get started with Buzzspark is to sign up for a no obligation, 14-day free trial. It doesn’t require a credit card and if you decide you want to continue using your account after the trial, just upgrade to a paid plan.

Step 1: Browse to the Buzzspark sign-up page

Browse to Buzzspark sign-up page at You can also click on the Try for Free button at the top right directly from the Buzzspark website.

Step 2: Enter your details

Buzzspark UGC Platform Free Trial sign-up - User details

Enter your Name, Email and Password, which must be 8-20 characters and include a minimum of one uppercase, one lowercase, one digit and one special character.
Click Continue.

Step 3: Enter your account details

Buzzspark UGC Platform Free Trial sign-up - Account details

Enter your account details:
Company / Account Name – this should be your registered business or trading name. If you do not have one use another suitable name.
Country – select the country in which your organisation is registered, or your country of residence if you do not have a registered business.
Click Continue.

Step 4: Activate your account

Buzzspark UGC Platform Free Trial sign-up - Activate your account

Check your inbox for the activation email and click on the Confirm Email link to activate your account.

Check your junk folder, or click on the Resend email link in case you haven’t received the activation email.

Step 5. Login to your account

Buzzspark UGC Platform Free Trial sign-up - Login

Once activated and logged in, you can access your Buzzspark account by clicking the account name from the list of accounts you can access. Typically, this list will contain just one account, but may include more, for example if you have more than one account, or if you’ve been granted access to other accounts.

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Updated on: 16/09/2023

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