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How do I re-authorise or re-connect a social connection?

If you have previously connected your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Vimeo account to Buzzspark, it may at some point receive an automated email from Buzzspark alerting you to re-authorise the connection. This can happen when the connection becomes invalid due to expiration periods set by social networks, or if the connection was unintentionally removed directly on the social network.

How to re-authorise a connection

Step 1: Navigate to Connections

Log into Buzzspark and from the left menu, browse to Settings > Connections.

Step 2: Locate the Social account and re-authorise it

Click on the social network tab for the social account you wish to re-authorise, for example Twitter .

In the resulting list, locate the Twitter account you wish to re-authorise – it will appear in the list with an Invalid status.

Click on the corresponding Re-Connect button.

In the next pop-up window, login to your corresponding social account and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once the re-authorisation process is complete, you will automatically be returned to the Buzzspark Connections page and your social account will now appear in the list of connected accounts with a Valid status.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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