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Managing the Global Banned Word List

What is the Global Banned Word List?

The Global Banned Word List contains a pre-defined set of inappropriate or NSFW (not suitable for work) words. When content is aggregated via a Source with the Banned Word Filter enabled, any posts containing a word on the Global Banned Word List will automatically be set to the Disabled state. This simplifies the moderation process and prevents such content from inadvertently appearing in Displays.

Managing the Global List of Banned Words

Step 1:

From the left menu, browse to Settings > Banned Words.

Step 2:

Import – upload a list of words in a CSV file to either add to or replace the existing list of words. See Importing Banned Words.
Export – download the existing list of words as a CSV file. See Exporting Banned Words.
Reset – removes all custom changes and resets the current list of words to the default list.
+Word – add a new word to the list. See Adding a Banned Word.
Use the search tool to quickly find specific words.
Use the Action buttons for a specific entry to Edit or Delete the word. See Editing a Banned Word.
Bulk delete multiple words in one go by selecting their associated checkboxes and clicking on the Delete button in the bulk actions toolbar at the top.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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