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Managing Blocked Users

When a user is Blocked within a Buzzspark Account, any future content posted by the user is still aggregated but automatically set to the Disabled status. This overrides any Whitelist or Auto Moderation settings of a Source. Any previously aggregated content by the user is not affected.

See also Blocking or Blacklisting content from specific content creators.

Managing Blocked Users

Step 1:

From the left menu, browse to Users > Blocked Users.

Step 2:

Locate the Blocked Users you wish to manage:
Use the Search tool to search for specific usernames
Sort entries in the list by Network or Username by clicking on the column headers
Unblock an individual user by clicking on the corresponding Unblock button in the Actions column.
To unblock multiple users in one go, select the corresponding checkboxes for each user and click the Unblock button in the Bulk Actions toolbar at the top.

Note that unblocking a user, does not change the status of any of that user's content that has already been aggregated.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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