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Managing Connections to Social Accounts

Before you can start aggregating content from a supported social network, your Buzzspark account must have at least one valid connection to that social network.

Why do you need to connect social accounts to Buzzspark?

Buzzspark uses the official APIs to ingest content from social networks, which requires all requests to be authenticated. The process of authentication involves connecting your social account to Buzzspark and granting permission for Buzzspark to aggregate content on your behalf.

Buzzspark will never publish posts on your behalf and at no point will your account information be exposed or used by Buzzspark for anything other than aggregating content.

Managing your Connected Social Accounts

Access to Connection requires a Role of Account Admin or higher.

Step 1:

From the left menu, browse to Settings > Connections.

Step 2: Select the desired Social Network tab and manage connections

Select the desired social network tab at the top.
Click on the corresponding Sign in… or Login with… button to add a social connection to that network. Follow the guides below for details on connecting individual networks.
Connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts
Connecting your Google accounts
Connecting your TikTok accounts
Connecting your Twitter accounts
Connecting your Vimeo accounts

To manage existing connections, click one of the corresponding buttons in the Actions column:
Re-authenticates the existing connection that has become Invalid. See re-authorising or re-connecting a social connection.

Removes the existing connection See removing social accounts.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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