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Expired accounts

Why has my account expired?

Your Buzzspark account may become expired if:
Your Trial period has ended,
Your subscription was cancelled and has come to an end, or
Your recurring payment failed, and your payment method has not been updated within the 2-day grace period.

My account has expired. What can I do?

When an account enters the expired state, it remains accessible for a further 30 days. All existing account data remains intact, however all features such as aggregation of new content, Displays, etc. are disabled. You can log in to your account and upgrade an expired account at any point during this timeframe, or you can delete the account if it is no longer required.

What happens at the end of the 30-day timeframe?

30-days after an account expires, the account and all its data will be automatically and permanently deleted.

What notifications does Buzzspark send?

The following automated email notifications are sent to the account owner and all users with the Billing role:
Trial Ending – sent 7-days and 1-day prior to trial ending.
Failed Payment – sent when a payment fails.
Subscription Cancelled – sent when a subscription is cancelled.
Subscription Expired – sent when an account enters the expired state.
Account Deletion Notice – sent 9-days and 1-day prior to account deletion.
Account Deleted Confirmation – sent when an account has been manually or automatically deleted.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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