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How to clone a Display

Cloning an existing Display can be useful when you need to create a new Display based on an existing Display, or test changes to a live Display prior to updating the live Display.

Creating a copy of an existing Display

Step 1: Navigate to the type of Display you wish to clone

From the left menu, click on the Engage category and then select the type of Display you wish to clone. For example: Widget Displays, Event Displays, or Email Campaigns.

Step 2: Locate the Display you wish to clone

From the list of existing Displays, click the corresponding Copy button under the Actions column of the Display you want to clone.

Step 3: Enter a name for new Display

Creating a copy of a UGC Display

In the Copy Display modal:

Enter a Name for your new (cloned) Display – this should not be the same name as an existing Display.

Click the Save button to save the new Display.

The list of Displays will update to show the newly created Display which you can now edit as needed.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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