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Publishing and Securing Event Displays

This article covers:
Getting and securing the URL for your Event Display
Showing your Display on a digital screen

How to get and secure the Published URL for an Event Display

Before you can show your Event Display on a digital screen, you need to obtain the URL for your Event Display. URLs for Event Displays leverage ‘Access Tokens’ for security, so you can prevent unauthorised access and viewing, for example, if your Display is intended for workplace communications.

Step 1: Navigate to the Event Displays page

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Event Displays.

Step 2: Select the Event Display you wish to publish

On the Event Displays page, click on the Publish button under the Actions column for the Event Display you wish to publish. This launches the Publish Settings Modal.

Step 3: Copy the URL for the Display

By default, the URL for each Event Display contains a unique Access Token which prevents unauthorised access to your Display – your Display cannot be viewed without the full URL and a valid Access Token.

For Displays intended for private audiences, such as workplace communications, you can renew the Access Token for a Display at any time, particularly if you feel that the URL for this Display has been shared or disclosed to unwanted parties, e.g. whilst setting up or testing the Display.

When you renew the Access Token for a Display, a new URL for the Display is generated which you can copy and use as required - the previous URL for this Display will no longer work.

In the Publish Settings modal:
Copy URL – click this button to copy the URL for this Display to your clipboard.
View in Browser – click this button to preview this Display in a new browser tab/window.
Renew Access Token – you can click on this button to renew your access token for this Display at any time. This will generate a new URL for the Display and the previous URL will stop working.
Click Close when done.

You can now use the URL you just copied for this Display, to show the Display on a digital screen using one of the supported methods.

Showing your Event Display on a digital screen

Event Displays can be shown on digital screens in several ways. Once you have the URL for your Display, refer to the following articles based on your set-up:

Digital screens and projectors connected to your computer
Publishing Event Displays on wired TV Screens and Projectors
Publishing Event Displays via wireless display streaming solutions

Digital Signage Solutions
Publishing Event Display on Screendrive
Publishing Event Display on Yodeck
Publishing Event Display on OnSign TV

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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