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Which social networks are supported by Buzzspark?

Social networks and platforms supported on Buzzspark

Buzzspark supports aggregating, curating, and showcasing content from multiple platforms. As APIs for each platform are different, the type of content you can aggregate and the associated features in Buzzspark also vary from platform to platform.

Check the guides below to learn how to create Sources and aggregate content from each Network.

Facebook– Page, Tagged (Mention)
Instagram– User, Hashtag, Tagged, Stories
TikTok - User
Twitter– Tweet, User, Hashtag, Mention, Search, Geo-Radius
Vimeo– Video, User, Showcase (album), Channel, Group, Search
YouTube– Video, Channel, Search

Contact us via chat or email if you would like to aggregate content from a Network that is not listed above.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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