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Analytics & Reporting in Buzzspark

Buzzspark leverages both the Google Analytics and Buzzspark’s own tracking pixels to provide actionable insights that can be viewed in Buzzspark Reports, or directly in Google Analytics. Buzzspark does not collect any analytics data from Social Networks from which content is aggregated.

Reports available within Buzzspark include:
Summary Reports
Network Reports
Content Reports
Contributor Reports
Engagement Reports
Commerce Reports
Advertising Reports

In addition to the pre-configured reports in Buzzspark, you can also create custom reports, for example, comparing the performance of Social Networks, Contributors or Products. Custom reports can also be Saved so they’re easily accessible by your team.

See also the following articles to learn more about configuring and viewing insights in Google Analytics:
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Data in Buzzspark Reports is updated on an hourly basis.

The maximum period for which reporting data is retained within your Buzzspark Account depends on your subscription plan. See the Buzzspark Pricing for further details. This does not apply to Google Analytics, the retention periods for which are governed by the configuration of your Google Analytics accounts.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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