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Configuring Google Analytics in Event Displays

Buzzspark leverages both Google Analytics and Buzzspark’s own tracking pixels to provide actionable insights that can be viewed in Buzzspark Reports, or directly in Google Analytics.

This article covers Configuring Event Display with your Google Analytics ID and selecting which Google Analytics Events to Track in Event Displays

For details on viewing analytic reports, see Viewing Insights in Google Analytics and Analytics & Reporting in Buzzspark. You can also view all available customisation options along with the structure and terminology used in Event Displays.

Configuring Event Displays with your Google Analytics ID

Step 1: Navigate to the Event Displays page

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Event Displays.

Step 2: Select an Event Display as required.

On the Event Displays page, click on the Edit button under the Actions column for Event Display for which you wish to add Google Analytics Tracking.

Step 3: Select the Analytics tab.

On the Edit Display page, click on the Analytics tab in the right sidebar.

Step 4: Enter your Google Analytics ID

In the Analytics tab:
Turn on the Enable Tracking toggle switch
In the GA Tracking ID field, enter your Google Analytics UA Tracking ID or GA4 Measurement ID e.g UA-XXXXXXXX-X or G-XXXXXXXXXX. See the Find your Google tag ID for more information.
Click on the Events Tracked button to launch the Events Tracked modal.

Step 5: Select required tracking options

In the Events Tracked modal, enable the toggle switches as required:
Load Display – triggered each time this Display is loaded.
Load More – triggered when content is cycled in the Display, either automatically or via keyboard control.
Tile Expanded – triggered when an Inline Tile is Expanded in the Display, or for Billboard and Slide Show themes, when a Tile is shown in the SlideShow.
Enable Non-Interaction for Bounce - when disabled and any of the above Events are triggered, Google Analytics will not record the Display URL as a bounce and unnecessarily show higher bounce-rates. Learn more. We recommend leaving this disabled for Event Displays.
Click on the Apply button when done, and finally click on the Save Changes button in the bottom right of the Edit Display page.

For further details, see Understanding Events Tracked in Buzzspark.

Updated on: 23/03/2023

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