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Archiving and Unarchiving Content

You may wish to protect specific items of content from being deleted for example, high value content or content for which you have acquired Rights. When you Archive a piece of content, it cannot be deleted without it first being Unarchived.

How to Archive or Unarchive content

Step 1: Navigate to the Moderation View

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Moderate.

Step 2: Locate the item you wish to Archive

See Refining and Searching for Content in Moderation View for details on how to search for specific items of content.

Step 3: Archive or Unarchive the content

Click on the Actions button of the item
Select the Archive or Unarchive options.

When an item of content is archived, the Archived flag appears below the Status buttons of the Tile for quick visual identification.

Note that the Archive option is accessible to all users with a Role of Moderator or higher, whereas the Unarchive option is only accessible to users with a Role of General Admin or higher.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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