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Tile and Grid Views in Moderation

Content (or Tiles) within Moderation View can be displayed in either Tile View or Grid View.

Switching between the two views can be done via the Moderation Toolbar:
Grid View
Tile View

The appearance of Tiles differs depending on whether Grid or Tile view is selected, however there is no difference in functionality.

Tile View is optimised for smaller screens and is the default for mobile devices. Grid View is only available on larger screens, generally laptops, desktops, and tablets in landscape mode (depending on screen size). The layout of both is detailed below.

Status buttons for quickly Publishing, Queuing or Disabling the Tile. The Tile’s border colour also reflects the Tile’s status.
Checkbox for selecting the Tile and performing Bulk Actions.
Flags associated with the Tile provide easy visual identification.
Edit Tags & Products button for editing Content Tags and Products.
List of Content & Product Tags applied to the Tile.
Actions button provides access to additional tools:
Pinning the Tile in Displays
Publishing the Tile on a schedule
Archiving and Unarchiving the Tile
Blocking and Unblocking the Tile’s creator
Editing the Tile’s Body Text

The content areas of the Tile include:
Header – profile image, screen name and display name of the Tile’s creator
Media – any images or videos (if present)
Body Text – text content (if present)
Footer – Tile’s Network icon and timestamp

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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