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Pinning and Unpinning Tiles in Displays

Tiles in Displays are shown in date order (latest first) – determined by the Display’s Filter. You can however Pin a Tile to a specific position in any Filter and hence Display. For example, to give prime position to a high-value older post, branded content, or sponsored ad. Each Tile can be Pinned to different positions for different Filters and the Pin can be indefinite or until a specified time.

How to Pin or Unpin content

Step 1: Navigate to the Moderation View

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Moderate.

Step 2: Locate the item you wish to Pin or Unpin

See Refining and Searching for Content in Moderation View for details on how to search for specific items of content.

Step 3: Manage the Pins for the Tile

Click on the Actions button of the item
Select the Pin option.

Step 4: Specify your pinning criteria

In the Manage Pin modal:
Timezone for Pinning – select the time zone that will apply for any Pin schedules you specify
Enable the Filter for which you wish to Pin the selected Tile. The All option allows to you Pin the Tile on all Filters.
Position – specify the position the selected Tile should be pinned to, for example, 1,2,3 etc.
Pin Until – enter a date/time when the Pin for this Filter should expire. If blank, the Tile will be Pinned on the selected Filter until it is manually removed.
Click the Pin button to save your settings
Clicking the Remove Pin button, removes all Pins for the selected Tile.

When an item of content is pinned, the Pinned flag appears below the Status buttons of the Tile for quick visual identification.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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