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Customising Banners in Widget Displays

This article covers the Banner tab in Widget Displays, which allows you to add and customise a banner with a clickable brand logo, custom text such as your campaign hashtag, and links or buttons that either link to external sites or refine the content that is shown in the Display. You can also view all available custom options along with the structure and terminology used in Widget Displays.

What are Banners in Widget Displays

Banners appear at the top of Widget Displays, allowing you to add your branding, information relevant to the campaign such as your hashtags and buttons to either refine content shown in the Display, or link to external web pages.

The structure of banners in Widget Displays is depicted below.

How to add a Banner in Widget Displays

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Widget Displays.
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for the Widget Display you wish to customise.
On the Edit Display page, click on the Banner tab in the right sidebar to edit any of the options described below.

Show Banner – toggle this switch to enable/disable the Banner.

Background Image – lets you upload a background image and overrides the Background Colour settings. For the best results, we recommend images with a file size of 2MB or less, and the dimensions of the image should match the height of the banner and the width of the largest screen on which you intend to show this Widget Display.

Background Colour – lets you customise the background colour of the banner.

Padding – lets you configure the internal spacing around the edges of banner.

Show Logo/Text – you can choose to upload a logo or show text.
Use Logo
Logo Image – upload the image you wish to show in the Banner.
Logo Position - choose the alignment of the logo within the Banner.
Max Logo Height – lets you control the height of the uploaded logo image.
Logo Link - enter the URL to open when the logo is clicked. Leave blank to disable.
Use Text
Text - enter the text you wish to show in the Banner.
Font Size – lets you customise the font size of the text.
Colour – lets you customise the colour of the text.
Alignment – choose your preferred alignment for the text within the Banner.

Banner Links – lets you add configurable links in the Banner that either filter the Display based on Tags, or link to external URLs.
You can customise the alignment, size, and colour of the links.
Each Link can either be a configurable icon, or custom text, and link to an external URL, or you can set the Link to refine the Tiles shown in the Display based on Tags e.g. you can let users filter the Display to show only Tiles from Instagram, Twitter etc. or filter content based on your Product Tags.
You can drag and drop Links to re-arrange the order based on your preference.
Click the Apply button when you are done configuring Banner Links.

Click on the bottom right Save Changes button to save your Display changes when done.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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