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Customising Form Styles

All custom options for Forms are grouped into tabs in the right sidebar when editing a Form. This article covers the Styles tab, which allows you to change fonts, logo, colours and buttons in Forms. You can also view all available custom options along with the structure and terminology used in Forms.

Customising Forms – Style Tab

From the left menu, browse to Content > Forms.
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for Form you wish to edit.
On the Edit Form page, click on the Styles tab in the right sidebar to edit any of the options described below.

Button Label – specify the Form Button text to launch the upload Form.

Show Button Icon – enable to include a camera icon in the upload button.

Button Alignment – specify the alignment of the upload button.

Optional Title – enter an optional title that appears alongside the upload button. E.g. #MyHashtag.

Logo – upload and include your brand logo in the upload Form.

Form Headline – enter a short optional headline that appears alongside the logo in the upload Form.

Use Custom Font – click on the Use Custom Font button to enter details of any custom fonts you wish to use in the Form.

Enable Custom Font – turn on to use custom fonts
Font Embed Code – paste your custom font embed code
CSS Rules – paste CSS rules for your custom font
Click Apply to continue.

Primary Text Colour – set the primary text colour used in the upload Form.

Secondary Text Colour – set the secondary text colour used in the upload Form.

Link Colour – set the link colour used in the upload Form.

Error Message Colour – set the text colour of error messages used in the upload Form.

Button Background Colour – set the background colour of buttons in the upload Form.

Button Text Colour - set the text colour used in button in the upload Form.

Click on the bottom right Save Changes button to save changes to your Form when done.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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