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How to integrate UGC in HubSpot Email Campaigns

This article walks you through the process of embedding Email Campaign Display Images in HubSpot. View instructions for integrating UGC in other email marketing platforms.

Email Campaign Display Images can be added on both Regular and Automated emails in HubSpot.

Embedding Email Campaign Display Images in HubSpot

Under the ‘Content’ tab of the drag and drop editor, click ‘+ More’.

HubSpot Content Blocks

Then drag the ‘</> HTML – Email’ block to the position where you would like to insert your Display Image in your Email.

HubSpot HTML Content Block

With the block you just added selected on the right-hand side, in the HTML field on the left, remove any default code and paste the ‘HTML’ embed code of your Display Image – see How to get the embed code for an Email Campaign Display Image.


Optionally, turn off ‘Padding’ for the HTML block and add any required CSS styles to the <img> tag e.g.
<img src="" style="width:100%;">

Click on the ‘Done’ button at the top.

Click on the ‘Save’ and then ‘Exit’ buttons at the top left when done editing the email.

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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