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How to integrate UGC in Klaviyo Email Campaigns

This article walks you through the process of embedding Email Campaign Display Images in Klaviyo’s classic and new email editors. View instructions for integrating UGC in other email marketing platforms.

Klaviyo’s new editor has been available since October 2021. Classic editor templates automatically open in the new template editor in specific cases, however, you can still revert to the classic editor if needed.

Email Campaign Display Images can be added on both Campaign and Flow templates in Klaviyo.

Embedding Email Campaign Display Images in Klaviyo

Add a Text block and drag it to the position where you would like to insert your Display Image in your Email template.

In the Text block editor, click on the ‘Source’ button in the toolbar to edit the source or HTML code of the block. In the new editor, the source code button is indicated by the symbol: </>.

In the source code view, paste the HTML embed code of your Display Image – see How to get the embed code for an Email Campaign Display Image.

In the classic editor, click the ‘Save’ button in the editor toolbar. In the new editor, click the ‘Done’ button the left side bar.

It also possible to save and re-use blocks in Klaviyo. Note however that, content saved in the new editor cannot be used in the classic editor, and content saved in the classic editor cannot currently be used in the new editor.

Also, in Klaviyo’s new template editor, you can save blocks as universal content. When you do, you can choose to apply future edits to every instance of the universal block, across all templates. In Klaviyo’s classic template editor, you can save any block as a saved block. If you make edits to a saved block within a template, those edits will not be reflected in other instances of the saved block.

Learn how to manage universal content in the new editor.
Learn how to manage saved content in the classic editor.

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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