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Moderating Live content

What is Live Mode Moderation?

Live Moderation is particularly useful for quickly moderating fast flowing content, for example where live content feeds are shown on large screen Event Displays or Widget Displays during live events.

As new Tiles (content) are aggregated, they are automatically added at the top of the Content section of the Moderation interface and highlighted with a light-yellow background so they can be easily distinguished.

Older Tiles are automatically removed from the bottom of the Content section, so moderators see a window of constantly flowing content. The Pagination bar and Show options allows you to select the number of Tiles to show in the Content sections and are therefore not visible in Live Mode.

In contrast, Manual Mode Moderation allows moderators to page through content using the Pagination bar at the bottom of the interface and newly aggregated content only appears when jumping back to the first page or when the moderation view is refreshed.

How to enable Live Mode Moderation

Step 1:

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Moderate.

Step 2:

In the Moderation Toolbar, click on the Live Mode toggle switches to enable Live Mode Moderation.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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