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Publishing Event Displays via wireless display streaming solutions

Event Displays can be shown on digital screens in several ways and this article covers wireless display streaming solutions to show your Display on monitors and TV screens.

The most common used wireless display streaming devices include Apple TV 4K, Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adaptor, Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. Whilst it is possible to use all these devices to show your Event Display on digital screens, there are pros and cons associated with each that we have highlighted below.

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K is a small set-top box that connects to your screen through HDMI cables. It natively supports 4K screens and can connect to your network via both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Our tests showed good picture quality and smooth animations, however only macOS is supported - Windows and Android are not supported. iOS (iPad and iPhone) is supported but lack of support for full-screen mode in mobile browsers can lead to sub-optimal experiences.

See the general setup information for Apple TV 4K and mirroring your mac’s computer screen to the connected TV screen. We recommend connecting the device to your network using the wired Ethernet port for stability, although Wi-Fi connections will also work.

With your device setup, follow the instruction to load your Display on your computer.

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter

The Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter is a small dongle that connects to the HDMI and USB ports of your TV screen and uses WiFi Direct to connect to your Windows computer. It also supports the Miracast protocol for casting from Android devices that natively support the Miracast protocol.

In our tests, the initial setup on a Windows computer was very easy, however whilst picture quality is acceptable, animations are sub-optimal since both the HD and the 4K models only support a maximum refresh rate for 30fps. Your computer will also need to remain within a 7-10m distance of the TV screen for reliable connection over WiFi direct. Apple macOS and iOS devices are not supported, and we also saw mixed result with Android devices connecting using the Miracast protocol.

See Using the Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor for general setup information and mirroring your computer’s screen to the TV screen.

With your device setup, follow the instruction to load your Display on your computer.

Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick are a range of HDMI devices that plug into an HDTV and connect to your local network over Wi-Fi. They are not casting devices per se but have their own App Store where you can install the Amazon Silk Browser – support for Mozilla Firefox ended on 30th April 2021. Once you have installed a browser, you can open up your Event Display’s URL directly in the browser.

In our tests, the setup process was somewhat cumbersome as all text input is via the accompanying remote. Picture quality and animations were relatively good particularly on newer, 4K devices. On older (2017) devices, we experienced random crashes. Also, since Displays do not require any user interaction, by default the devices automatically enter power-saving mode and shows a blank screen after 10 minutes. To remedy this, you can install the Wakey app and set it to keep the Silk browser awake via the _AppAwake settings. You can also check the

Follow the links for general set up information for Fire TV and Fire Stick. With your device setup, follow the instruction to load your Display on the Silk Browser.

Google Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV

Googles Chromecast are HDMI devices the plug in to TV screens and projectors. You can the screen content from smartphones and tablets via the Google Home App. Additionally, you can cast individual tabs or your entire screen from the Chrome browser on your Mac and PC.

Whilst Google Chromecast devices provide a platform independent solution, the picture quality and animations were below par during our testing.

See the Chromecast help centre for setup instructions.

With your device setup, follow the instruction to load your Display on your computer and then cast a Chrome tab on your TV.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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