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Reinstating Cancelled subscriptions

Once you cancel your subscription, your account will remain fully operational until your next billing date and you can reinstate your cancelled subscription at any time until then.

Once your next billing date has past, your subscription expires and cannot be reinstated - see upgrading expired subscriptions for further details.

When you reinstate a subscription, it effectively cancels the cancellation, and you will be continued to be billed at the next billing date.

How to reinstate a cancelled subscription

Step 1: Navigate to the Billing page

From the left menu, browse to Settings > Billing.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to Reinstate Subscription

On the Billing page, click on the Reinstate Subscription button in the Subscription panel.

Step 3: Confirm changes

Enter your password in the confirmation prompt
Click the Reinstate Subscription button

Once confirmed, the Billing page will update to show details of your subscription and a confirmation email is also sent to the Buzzspark account owner and all account users with the Billing role.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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