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Updating billing details

Your billing details appear on your invoices and are used to calculate any applicable VAT/Tax. You can update your billing details at any time by logging into your account. Note that any changes to billing details will only apply to future invoicing – existing invoices remain unchanged.

How to update your billing details

Step 1: Navigate to the Billing page

From the left menu, browse to Settings > Billing.

Step 2: Select Update

Step 3: Enter your Billing details

Enter your Company/Account Name. This is the name that will appear on invoices and should be your registered business or trading name, or any desired name if you do not have a registered business.

Enter the VAT/Tax ID for your business if you have one or leave blank if you are not registered for VAT/Tax.

Enter your full billing address in the fields provided.

Click the Save button

Note there are two separate fields for VAT/Tax. In the first, select the country in which your business is registered for VAT/Tax purposes, and in the second field enter the VAT/Tax ID without the country code identifier.

This information will be used to calculate any applicable VAT/Tax charges.

Once done, the Billing page will update to show your updated details.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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