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What are Displays in Buzzspark?

What are Displays?

Displays showcase real-time curated feeds of your content across your different marketing touchpoints and can be customised to match your brand and desired experience. There are two types of Displays in Buzzspark, Widget Displays and Event Displays.

Widget Displays

Widget Displays are intended for showcasing content on websites and apps. These touchpoints are deemed Interactive as the audience can interact with the content via keyboard, mice, or touchscreens. Widget themes have been designed with this in mind.

You can use Widget Displays with Product Hotspots and CTAs to distribute authentic social proof at every point in the you customer’s journey. For example, on landing page and inspiration galleries to build trust and inspire discovery, and on product page galleries and checkout pages to boost conversions and increase order values.

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Event Displays

Event Displays are intended for showcasing content on in-store digital signage, indoor/outdoor digital displays in your workplace, at events, conferences, or digital-out-of-home displays such as billboards, bus-top shelters, and screens in shopping malls, airports, stations, and public venues.

You can use Event Displays to create a more connected, shared experience in your workplace, at events or hybrid-events by turning passive viewers into active participants and increasing real-time engagement by bridging the gap between in-person and online audiences.

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Updated on: 04/02/2023

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