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What are Forms in Buzzspark?

What are Forms?

Forms let you collect comments, photos, videos, and custom data directly from your audiences and can be embedded on any webpage or in mobile apps. You can customise Forms to match your brand and desired user experience, including custom data you wish to collect.

You can include a Form on any webpage by itself, or also include a Widget Displays.

In the example below, a Form button is placed above a Widget Display on an inspiration gallery webpage. Visitors can browse ideas and ‘shop the look’ via content uploaded by fans, as well as be inspired to upload their own photos and videos via the ‘Share your Style’ button.

Audiences can also be seamlessly directed to a Form to share content via QR code for example, at conferences, events, in-store digital signage or via digital-out-of-home advertising. The example below shows the use of QR codes on Event Displays to engage audiences at a sports event.

In addition to Widget Displays on webpages and Event Displays on digital screens, Forms can also be deployed to acquire content from audiences via online ads and emails, such as a post-purchase follow-up email.

What content can be collected via Forms?

Forms in Buzzspark let you collect photos, videos, comments, and custom data fields. Audiences can upload content form their devices (mobiles, tablets, computers etc.) or share content with you directly from their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

You can also configure Forms to direct users to specific links once they have uploaded content – for example, to purchase, donate etc. or to learn more about your brand or specific campaigns.

Content submitted by your audience via Forms can be moderated, tagged and published in exactly the same way as content acquired directly from social networks via Sources.

To learn more about and get started with Forms, see Anatomy of Forms and Creating, Editing, and Customising Forms.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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