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Customising Tile Layout in Event Displays

This article covers the Tile Layout tab in Event Displays, which allows you to customise the layout, styles, and animation of Tiles in the Billboard and Slide Show themes. For the Flow, Quadrant, Spiral and Stream themes, see Inline Tiles and Expanded Tiles. You can also view all available custom options in Event Displays.

Tile Layout for Billboard and Slide Show themes

Expanded Tiles
The layout and styling of Tiles can be easily customised.

Customising Event Displays – Tile Layout Tab

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Event Displays.
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for Event Display you wish to customise.
On the Edit Display page, click on the Tile Layout tab in the right sidebar to edit any of the options described below.

Layout – select the layout of Tiles. Choose from:
Landscape– the Tile’s image/video is shown on the left, with the text on the right.
Portrait – the Tile’s image/video is shown at the top, with the text below. This is also the default layout on mobile devices.

Profile Image Style – lets you set the size and border of Profile Images in Tiles.

Screen Name Style – lets you set the font size and colour of Screen Names in Tiles.

Display Name Style – lets you set the font size and colour of Display Names in Tiles.

Post Time Style – lets you set the font size and colour of Post Times in Tiles.

Social Icon Style – lets you set the size of social icons in Tiles.

Text Styles – here you can choose to show/hide the Post Title or Post Body and customise the font size and colours.
Auto Font Size – when enabled, automatically determines the largest possible font size based on the overall length of a Tile’s text.
Max Font Size – the maximum font size used by automatic algorithm above.
MAX. Length – lets you truncate the Tile’s text above the specified number of characters to prevent posts with long text or multiple line breaks from impacting the appearance of your Display.

Click on the bottom right Save Changes button to save your changes when done.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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