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How to Add and Edit Products

Products (or Product Tags) in Buzzspark represent items from your product catalogue. With Product Tags, you can quickly tag content in which your product is mentioned or appears within the image or video, so customers can easily purchase or access further information on the product or service. For Content Tags, see Managing Content Tags in Buzzspark.

Adding and Editing Products in Buzzspark

Step 1: Navigate to the Products page

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Products..

Step 2: Add or edit a Product as required.

On the Products page:
Click on the +Product button in the top right to add a new Product, or
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for an existing Product you wish to edit.

Whether you’re adding or editing a Product, the process for entering the product details is the same.

Step 3: Enter or update the Product details

In the Add Product or Edit Product modal, enter the following:
Short Name – enter a short internal name to help you identify this Product. Note that each Product must have a unique Short Name.
Product Name – enter the product name that appears in Product Hotspots and CTAs.
Product Description – enter a short description of the product that appears in Product Hotspots and CTAs.
Product Price – enter price of the product including the currency symbol.
External Product ID – options, enter the product ID or SKU (item number) for the product. This is used for tracking purposes and can be the relevant SKU from your external e-commerce store.
Button Text – enter the label for the button that appears in Product Hotspots and CTAs.
Custom URL – enter the full external URL (inc. the https:// prefix) for the product. This is the URL that visitors will be directed to, to purchase or learn more about the product or service.
Custom URL Target – specify whether the Custom URL above should open in a New Tab, Current Window, or Parent Frame (if the embedded widget is iframed) when visitors click on the product button in Hotspots and CTAs.
Product Thumbnail URL – enter the full URL for the thumbnail image of the product, including the https:// prefix. The maximum recommended height for the thumbnail is 250px. Square images work best in Hotspots and CTAs.
Product Image URL – enter the full URL for the product image, including the https:// prefix.
Visibility – specify whether the Product is shown in Displays. “Public” implies HotSpots and CTAs will be visible in Widget Displays. “Private” implies HotSpots and CTAs will be hidden in Displays.
Custom Slug – developer option that denotes a unique identifier for the Product used in CSS classes in embedded widgets. Leave blank to use the system default or enter a preferred unique name without any spaces.
Click Save to add the new Tag or save your changes.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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