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Managing Products in Buzzspark

Products (or Product Tags) in Buzzspark represent items from your product catalogue. With Product Tags, you can quickly tag content in which your product is mentioned or appears within the image or video, so customers can easily purchase or access further information on the product or service. For Content Tags, see Managing Tags in Buzzspark.

Managing Products in Buzzspark

Step 1: Navigate to the Products page

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Products.

Step 2: Manage the list of Products as required

On the Products page, you can perform one of the following actions:
Import – upload a CSV file to easily add Products from your e-commerce store, or update existing Products. See Importing Products.
Export – download a CSV file of all existing Products. See Exporting Products.
+Product – add a new Product. See Adding Products in Buzzspark.
Use the search tool to quickly find specific Products.
Use Action buttons to edit or delete specific Products.
Edit - edit an existing Product. See Editing Products in Buzzspark.
Delete – delete an existing Products. Deleting a Product deletes the Product in Buzzspark itself, and removes all references to the Product from any content, Sources, Filters or Displays. Any content associated with the Product is not deleted.

Bulk delete multiple Products in one go by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and clicking on the Delete button in the bulk actions toolbar at the top.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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