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What are Adverts in Buzzspark?

What are Adverts?

Adverts are branded or sponsored content that is periodically pushed to audiences in Widget and Event Displays for promotional, messaging and advertising purposes. Adverts can be either images or videos and can direct users to a specified URL for more information when the advert is clicked (only applicable in Widget Displays).

Where to use Adverts

With Adverts, you can capture your customers when they’re most engaged to promote relevant key messages, promotional offers, or third-party sponsored/advertising content. Since Adverts are supported by both Widget and Event Displays, you can target audiences on websites and mobile app, as well as digital signage and indoor/outdoor digital screens at conferences and events.

You can show multiple adverts in a single Widget or Event Display, as well as configuring the order and how often adverts are shown.

Using Adverts in Buzzspark

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Updated on: 04/02/2023

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