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Tagging content in Moderation view

Content and Product Tags can be quickly applied to single or multiple posts (Tiles) in the Moderation view. For example, you may wish to Tag posts that are relevant to specific campaigns or apply specific Product Tags to post featuring your products if you wish to show Call To Action (CTA) snippets within relevant posts appearing in Displays. See also Adding Product Hotspots for details on how to add shoppable Hotspots on images within posts.

Viewing existing Tags in Moderation View

Existing Content and Product Tags for a Tile appear in the Tags panel on each Tile in the moderation view, as shown below.

Content Tags are shown in light blue
Product tags are shown in dark blue

Adding and Removing Tags for a single Tile in Moderation View

To add or remove Tags on a single Tile in moderation view:

Step 1: Locate the Tile you wish to edit

Click on the Tile’s Edit Tags & Products button.

Step 2: Add or Remove Tags as required

In the Edit Tags & Products modal:
Click in the Select Tags & Products to add field at the top and select from the existing Content or Product Tags you wish to add to the Tile.
If you wish to add a new Content tag, click on the Add New Tag button, and specify the tag details. When the new tag is created, it will automatically be added to the list at the top.
Once you have finished selecting the Tags to add, click on the Add Selected Items button.
Click in the Select Tags & Products to remove field and select any of the existing Tags already applied to the Tile that you wish to remove.
Once you have finished selecting the Tags to remove, click on the Remove Selected Items button.
Click on the Close button at the bottom to exit the modal and return to the Moderation View.

Adding and Removing Tags for multiple Tiles in Moderation View

You can easily add or remove Tags on multiple Tiles in one go within the moderation view.

Select the checkbox corresponding to each Tile you wish to edit
In the Bulk Action toolbar at the top, click the Tags button.
In the pop-up modal, add or remove Tags as described earlier and close the modal when done.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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