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Using Display Filters in Moderation

What are Display Filters in Moderation?

An important part of moderating content is refining the segment of content that is presented to the moderator, particularly when managing multiple campaigns.

Display Filters in Moderation Views lets you refine Content based on existing Filters configured in your Buzzspark account. For example, selecting a Filter that feeds the Widget Display on your product gallery web page, will present the moderator with only Content that matches that Filter’s criteria and greatly simplify their moderation experience.

How to select Display Filters in Moderation View

Step 1: Navigate to the Moderation View

From the left menu, browse to Curate > Moderate.

Step 2: Select the required Display Filter

In the Moderation Toolbar:
Click on the Display Filters drop-down
You can type in the search field to narrow down the list
Select the desired Filter from the list.

The All Content Filter is included by default in all Buzzspark accounts.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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