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Adverts in Event Displays

Buzzspark provides several Themes for Event Displays, and each theme can be easily customised to match your brand and desired experience. All custom options are grouped into tabs in the right sidebar when editing an Event Display.

This article covers the Adverts tab, which allows you to show graphic and video advertisements or sponsored content and customise their frequency and animation styles. You can also view all available custom options and the structure and terminology used in Event Displays.

Adverts in Event Displays

Adverts are branded or sponsored content and are a great way to push promotional, messaging and advertising content to your audiences.

Adverts can be either images or videos and can be configured to periodically show across the entire screen in Event Displays.

Before adding Adverts in Event Displays, you’ll need to have created at least one Advert. If you’re new to Buzzspark, you can also learn more about Adverts.

Adding and Customising Adverts in Event Displays

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Event Displays.
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for Event Display you wish to customise.
On the Edit Display page, click on the Adverts tab in the right sidebar to edit any of the options described below.

Enable Adverts – lets you enable or disable all Adverts from showing on this Display, useful if you need to temporarily halt all Adverts on a specific Display.

Interval – lets you control the frequency, or how often Adverts are shown on this Display.

Image Duration – lets you control how long each Image Advert is shown on this Display. You can enter 0 to completely disable all Image Adverts on this Display.

Video Duration - lets you control how long each Video Advert is shown on this Display. You can enter 0 to completely disable all Video Adverts on this Display.

Play Full Video – toggle this switch to enable each Video Advert to play in full, regardless of its duration. Overrides the Video Duration setting.

Mute Videos – lets you mute or unmute the sound on all Video Adverts.

Animation– select the animation style for showing Adverts on this Display.
Duration – Let you control the transition speed of animations for Adverts.

Select Adverts – click on the Select Adverts button to add and arrange the order in which selected Adverts appear in this Display.
Click on the Add Advert button to add an advert.
Click in or start typing in the Select Advert field and select the Advert you wish to add from the drop-down list.
To add multiple adverts simply repeat the steps above
To rearrange the order in which Adverts are shown, use the cross arrows handle to the left of each Advert to drag and drop it in the desired position.
To delete an Advert, click on the corresponding red trash icon. You can also change the Advert on a specific entry by clicking the x icon next to the Advert name and selecting another.
Click on the Apply button when done.

Click on the bottom right Save Changes button to save your changes when done.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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