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How to Add and Edit Adverts in Buzzspark

Adverts are branded or sponsored content that is periodically pushed to audiences in Widget and Event Displays. With Adverts, you can capture your customers when they’re most engaged to promote relevant key messages, promotional offers, or third-party sponsored/advertising content. Learn more about Adverts.

Creating or Editing Adverts in Buzzspark

Step 1: Navigate to the Adverts page

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Adverts.

Step 2: Add or Edit an Advert as required.

On the Adverts Page:
Click on the +Advert button in the top right to add a new Advert, or
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for an existing Advert you wish to edit.

Step 3: Add or Edit the Advert details

Whether you’re adding or editing an Advert, the process for entering the Advert details are the same.

In the Create Advert or Edit Advert Page, enter the following:
Advert Name - Enter a short name to help you identify this Advert
Advert Type
Select the media type of your Advert and drag and drop the media file on to the designated box or click anywhere in the box and browse to upload your file. The size and aspect ratio of the media should be based on the intended Display for the Advert. For Widget Displays, we recommend square images of 1080px by 1080px, or videos of 1280px x 720px. For Event Displays, the size depends on the digital screen the Display is shown on, e.g. 1920px x 1080px for a Full HD screen.

Image Adverts – Upload your desired image. Supported file formats are PNG, JPG, and JPEG, with a max file size of 100Mb.
Video Adverts – Upload your desired video. Supported file formats are MP4, with a max file size of 100Mb.

You can also use external media instead of uploading your own.
Image Adverts – Click to turn on the Grab external Image toggle switch and enter the full URL for the external image in the External Image URL field.
Video Adverts – Click to turn on the Use external video toggle switch and enter the full YouTube or Vimeo URL for the external video in the External Video URL field.

Use Custom Thumbnail for Video – only applicable for Video Adverts and allows you to upload a custom thumbnail image instead of using the default image generated by Buzzspark or provided by YouTube or Vimeo. Click to turn on the Use Custom Thumbnail for Video toggle switch and upload the custom thumbnail image for the video.

Link (Optional) - Enter the click-through URL that will opens in a new browser window when users click the Advert in Widget Displays. Use this feature to shorten the path to purchase by directing users to purchase pages or to key campaign pages to learn more about your brand, initiatives etc.

Status - Toggle between enabling or disabling the Advert. This is useful when you want to temporarily disable the Advert from being shown on your Displays instead of deleting the Advert.

Click Save and Close to create the new Advert or to save your changes for an existing Advert.

Once you save your changes, you are returned to the Adverts page where you can continue managing your Adverts.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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