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Customising Form Settings and including a Display Widget

All custom options for Forms are grouped into tabs in the right sidebar when editing a Form. This article covers the Settings tab, which allows you to change Tags and Rights Management settings and include a Widget Display in the published Form. You can also view all available custom options along with the structure and terminology used in Forms.

Customising Forms – Settings Tab

From the left menu, browse to Content > Forms.
Click on the Edit button under the Actions column for Form you wish to edit.
On the Edit Form page, click on the Settings tab in the right sidebar to edit any of the options described below.

Enable Form – enables or disables this Form. Disabled Forms are not shown when embedded, nor do they allow content to be uploaded.

Form Name - enter a short name to help you identify this Form.

Enable Banned Word Filter – enable to automatically set uploaded content to 'Disabled' if captions contain banned words.

Tags – click in the Tags field and start typing the name of an existing Tag you want to add to all content uploaded via this Form. You can also click on the Add New Tag button to create and add a new Tag. Tags help you group content to simplify moderation and to filter content to show on different Displays. Learn more about Tags.

Tags can also be dynamically added to uploaded content. For instance, you can embed the same Form on all product pages in your ecommerce store and set content uploaded by contributors to be dynamically tagged to the right product. See Dynamically Tagging Products in uploads via Forms.

Terms and Conditions URL – enter the full URL for your Terms and Conditions page, a link to which appears in the upload Form for contributors.

Rights Managed – enable this field if your T&Cs permit use of uploaded content for marketing purposes. When enabled, uploaded content is automatically set to Rights Approved and [Archived](/en/article/archiving-and-unarchiving-content-stvjoo/).

Include Widget Display – this option allows you to include an existing Widget Display when this Form is embedded on a web page. For instance, alongside your Form, you may wish to include a curated gallery of photos and videos uploaded by your audience.
Display Widget – specify the Display Widget you wish to include with the Form and its position.

Click on the bottom right Save Changes button to save changes to your Form when done.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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