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What are Tags in Buzzspark?

What are Tags?

Tags are used to classify content and provide flexibility and control of content at scale – from quickly moderating content for specific campaigns, to defining which content to distribute and where.

Each piece of content can have multiple Tags, and Tags can be applied automatically to content as it’s aggregated via Sources, or manually during Moderation.

What Tag types are available in Buzzspark?

Buzzspark uses two types of Tags:
Content Tags - used for labelling aggregated content to help with moderating content, managing campaigns and filtering content to show in Displays.
Product Tags - in additional to supporting all filtering use cases as Content Tags above, Product Tags are also used to identify items from your product catalogue in aggregated content, so customers can easily purchase or access further information on a product or service.

Tags & Sources

Tags can be automatically applied to content as it’s ingested via a Source. For instance, you may want to tag content that relates to specific campaigns or content that originates from your official social channels. Learn more about creating Sources for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.

Tags & Moderation

Tags can be quickly applied to single or multiple posts during Moderation. For example, you may wish to tag relevant posts to appear in multiple Displays.

Moderation views can also be refined to show posts with specific Tags, so moderation teams only see content that is relevant to campaigns they are managing, or to quickly locate content for re-purposing across campaigns.

Product Tags can be applied to posts as Call To Action (CTA) buttons, or as shoppable HotSpots on images within posts. Learn more about Moderation.

Tags & Filters

Filters in Buzzspark funnel approved content into feeds that appear on Displays. Tags are just one of the many ways a Filter can be configured to allow only selective content. For example, you could create Filters for specific campaigns or products, and showcase each feed separately on landing or product pages.

Tags & Displays

Displays showcase curated feeds from Filters across your chosen touchpoints. Tags within Displays can be used to highlight posts with specific Tags in the Display or allow visitors to refine content shown in the Display. Learn more about Displays and the anatomy of Widget and Event Displays.

Managing Tags and applying Tags to Content

See Managing Tags and Managing Products for details on how to import, export and manage tags within your Buzzspark account. Tags can be applied to content at the Source level, during moderation or whilst creating or editing Custom Tiles.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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