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Features for Moderation Teams

The Moderation View in Buzzspark is designed to help large teams of moderators simultaneously manage multiple campaigns, including fast-flowing live campaigns. It is optimised for mobile, laptop and desktop devices, and content can be moderated from anywhere in the world.

Below are some of the features most helpful for moderation teams.

Tile & Grid Views

Content in the moderation interface can be viewed in two different ways. Grid View makes the most of screen-estate on larger screens, while Tile View is optimised for mobile devices without sacrificing any functionality. Learn more about Tile & Grid Views.

Saved Views

An important part of moderating content is refining the segment of content that is presented to the moderator, particularly when managing multiple campaigns.

Once you have refined the content that appears in the Moderation View and adjusted the interface settings to your needs, you can save the settings using the Saved View feature so the exact settings can be shared with team members and quickly reloaded when needed. You can easily create saved views for different devices and campaigns ahead of time to simplify and improve the moderation experience. See Creating, Sharing and Managing Saved Views for further details.

Display Filters

Display Filters in Moderation Views lets you refine Content based on where the content will be showcased. For example, moderators can select a Filter that feeds a specific Display such as a large screen for a live event and quickly view and moderate content that is being shown. See Using Display Filters in Moderation for further details.

Live Mode

Live Mode in moderation is particularly useful for quickly moderating fast flowing content feeds particularly for live events. In Live Mode, moderators see a window of constantly flowing content where new content automatically flows-in at the top of the moderation view and older content flows-out at the bottom. New content is also highlighted with a light-yellow background so it can be visually distinguished. See Live Moderation for further details.

Bulk Actions

With Bulk Actions, moderators can save significant time by performing common actions such as Publishing or editing Tags on up to 100 pieces of content in one go. See Bulk Actions in Moderation View for further details.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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