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How to manage Email Campaign Displays

Email Campaign Displays are used for embedding UGC in emails such as signup, newsletters, abandoned cart and post-purchase emails.

See also, How to use UGC in email campaigns.

Managing Email Campaign Displays in Buzzspark

Step 1: Navigate to Email Campaigns

From the left menu, browse to Engage > Email Campaigns.

Step 2: Manage your Email Campaigns

Managing Email Campaign Displays
On the Email Campaign Displays page, you can:

Click on the +Display button to create a new Email Campaign Display. See How to create an Email Campaign Display.
Use the search tool to quickly find a specific Email Campaign Display.
Click on the Action buttons of an individual Email Campaign Display to:
Edit – edit the Display. See How to edit an existing Email Campaign Display.
Delete – delete the Display.
View – preview the generated image of the Display in your browser. See How to Preview Email Campaign Display Images.
Publish – get the embed code for the Display image. See Using Email Campaign images in email platforms.
Copy – create a copy (clone) of the Display. See How to clone a Display.
Perform Bulk Actions on multiple Displays in one go by selecting the corresponding checkboxes (or clicking the Select All checkbox at the top) and then clicking one of the following buttons in the Bulk Actions Toolbar to:
Enable – enable or turn-on the Displays.
Disable – temporarily disable or turn-off the Displays, so they do not show any generated images.
Delete – permanently delete the selected Displays.

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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