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How to use UGC in emails

With Buzzspark, you can easily integrate your most compelling UGC assets into your email workflows to maximise personalisation and drive retention, repeat orders and revenue.

Typical examples of UGC in email workflows include:
VIP-exclusive product announcements,
Personalised offer emails,
Newsletters based on product lines,
Post-purchase review emails,
Abandoned cart notifications,
Any individual or multi-step campaigns.

The setup process for each of these workflows is essentially the same:

Step 1: Use Filters to create feeds of relevant UGC assets for each scenario.

For example, you can use Filters to create feeds of specific product tiers for ‘VIP-exclusive announcements’ or feeds of relevant product lines for ‘Abandoned cart notifications’.

When Tagging content, we recommend using keywords for elements that are contained in a visual. For example, a wedding photo could likely have the tags ‘wedding’, ‘couple’, or ‘marriage’. However, also applying Tags describing colours, objects, and other specific items and characteristics in the image — including abstract terms like ‘love’, ‘relationship’, etc. – add greater context and relevance. Used in this way, you can create feeds that are more targeted for your intended use and yield better results.

Step 2: Create one or more Email Campaign Display for each scenario.

An Email Campaign Display lets you define the layout and style of how your UGC assets are presented in emails. For example, you may want to feature a single image, or a grid of images in your email.

User Generated Content in email

Multiple User Generated Content images in email

Since there is limited HTML and CSS support in email clients, Email Campaign Displays render your layout as a jpeg image, which is then embedded in emails via the provided embed code. This ensures compatibility and consistent appearance across all email clients.

In addition, you can configure Email Campaign Displays to periodically regenerate their images to include newly approved assets so recipients receiving or even viewing emails at different times see the latest UGC assets.

It is also possible to Pin specific assets in an Email Campaign Display – indefinitely or based on a schedule. This gives you the flexibility of showing combinations of handpicked and dynamic assets.

See How to create an Email Campaign Display and Customising Email Campaign Displays.

Step 3: Embed Display Images into your workflow email templates

Finally, copy and paste the embed code from Email Campaign Displays into your workflow email templates. This only needs to be done once and all emails sent via those workflows will automatically feature the relevant UGC assets of your choice.

See Using Email Campaign images in external email marketing platforms.

In addition to the techniques described above, it is also possible to manually download digital assets of Rights Managed content and use these in your email workflows.

If you have any questions or need help with setting up Email Campaigns, feel free to reach out to us via chat or email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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