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What are Custom Tiles and how to create them?

This article covers:
What are Custom Tiles?
How to create a Custom Tile
How to edit, delete or archive a Custom Tile
Bulk Actions for Custom Tiles

What are Custom Tiles?

Custom Tiles in Buzzspark allow you to create custom posts with Text, Images or Videos using content uploaded from your own library or linked from the Internet. Custom Tiles appear in Displays like posts aggregated from social networks and can be set to link to any target URL such as your home page or specific product or landing pages. See also Adverts and Sponsored Content.

How to create a Custom Tile

Step 1: Navigate to Custom Tiles

From the left menu, browse to Content > Custom Tiles

Step 2: Click to create add a new Custom Tile

Click on the + Custom Tile button on the top right. This launches the Create Custom Tile window.

Step 3: Select Tile Type

Select the type of Tile you want to create by clicking on one of the Text Tile, Image Tile or Video Tile buttons.

Step 4: Enter the Profile Information associated with the Tile

You can specify a custom Display Name and Profile Image for this Tile, or you can leave these fields blank to use the Display Name and Profile Image of your Buzzspark user account.

Step 5: Specify the Image or Video for the Tile

If you elected to create an Image or Video Tile, you must upload or enter the URL of the media files you want to use.

Step 6: Enter the contents of the Tile

Enter a Title and/or Caption for the Tile.
You can also enter a Profile Link such as a link to your website homepage or a specific product or landing page. This is the URL that users will see when they click on the Custom Tile in Displays

Step 7: Add Tags to the Tile

Click in the Tag this Tile field and start typing the name of an existing Tag you want to add to this Tile. You can also click on the Add New Tag button to create and add a new Tag. Tags help you group content to simplify moderation and to filter content to show on different Displays. Learn more about Tags.

Step 8: Add Products to the Tile

You can associate Products relevant to the Tile by clicking in the Add Products to this Tile and selecting them from the list. See also Managing Products and Product CTAs.

Step 9: Pin the Tile (Optional)

You can Pin this Tile at the top or at specific positions on different Displays, so it is always visible regardless of newer content. See also Pinning Tiles and Pin Schedules.

Step 10: Post or Schedule the Tile

You can post the Tile as soon as it is saved using the Post Now option, or Schedule for Later as required.

Step 11: Save the Tile

Finally, click on Save and Close button to save the Tile.

How to edit, delete or archive a Custom Tile

You can edit, delete, or archive Custom Tiles in Buzzspark at any time. See also, managing Product Hotspots and CTAs and Pinning Tiles.

Step 1:

From the left menu, navigate to Content > Custom Tiles.

Step 2:

Locate the Custom Tile you want edit or delete and click on the corresponding Edit, Delete or Archive button in the Actions column.

Step 3:

If you are editing a Custom Tile, this will launch the Edit Custom Tile page. If you are deleting a Custom Tile, you will be prompted to confirm the action.

Bulk Actions for Custom Tiles

Buzzspark allows you to perform the following Bulk Actions on multiple Custom Tiles in one go:

To perform a Bulk Action on multiple Custom Tiles

Step 1:

From the left menu, navigate to** Content > Custom Tiles.**

Step 2:

On the Custom Tiles page, select the Custom Tiles you want to change by selecting the corresponding checkboxes to the left. You can also use the Select All checkbox in the Bulk Actions toolbar to select all Custom Tiles currently displayed on the page.

With the required Custom Tiles selected, click on one of the following action buttons in the Bulk Actions toolbar at the top:
Publish - sets the Moderation state to Published for all selected Custom Tiles
Queue - sets the Moderation state to Queued for all selected Custom Tiles
Disable - sets the Moderation state to Disabled for all selected Custom Tiles
Delete - deletes all selected Custom Tiles

Confirmation is required to complete the selected bulk action.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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