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What are Products in Buzzspark?

What are Products or Product Tags?

Products (or Product Tags) in Buzzspark represent items from your product catalogue.

Each Product Tag identifies a unique item in your product catalogue including key information such as the product name, description, price, image, and link to purchase the product via an external e-commerce store.

With Product Tags, you can quickly tag content in which your product is mentioned or appears within the image or video, so customers can easily purchase or access further information on the product or service.

In addition, since Products are Tags, they also support all the benefits of Content Tags for labelling aggregated content to help with moderating content, managing campaigns and filtering content to show in Displays.

Importing, Exporting and Managing Products in Buzzspark

Buzzspark allows you to easily add and edit products or import your existing product catalogue. You can find out more on how to manage Products in Buzzspark.

How to use Product Tags during Moderation

Once your Products have been added or imported in Buzzspark, you can apply Products Tags to content via the moderation view in two ways.

Call To Action (CTA)
CTAs show the product information within the UGC itself in Widget Displays. Visitors can see the products details, including a link that leads directly to your store to purchase or learn more about the product.

The example above shows a Product CTA on an Inline Tile (left) and Expanded Tile (right) in a Widget Display

Hotspots are shoppable Hotspots icons that can be placed directly on images within UGC that feature your product, like swing tags or swing-tickets on garments. When the UGC is shown in Widget Displays, hovering the mouse over the Hotspot or clicking on it reveals details of the product, including a link that leads visitors directly to your store to purchase or learn more about the product.

The example above shows a Product Hotspot on an Inline Tile (left) and Expanded Tile (right) in a Widget Display.
Learn more about the difference between Product CTAs and Hotspots, and where and when to use each.

Moderation views can be refined to show Tiles with specific Product Tags, so moderation teams only see content that is relevant to campaigns they are managing, or to quickly locate content for re-purposing across campaigns.

How to automatically apply Product Tags to content in Buzzspark

Product Tags can be automatically applied to content as it’s ingested via a Source. For instance, you may want to tag content that relates to specific product campaigns or content that originates from content creators you partner with. Learn more about creating Sources for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube .

Product Tags & Filters

Filters in Buzzspark funnel approved content into feeds that appear on Displays. Products Tags are just one of the many ways a Filter can be configured to allow only selective content. For example, you may wish to create Filters for individual products or entire ranges, and showcase these feed on product gallery pages or specific product pages.

Product Tags & Displays

Displays showcase curated feeds from Filters across your chosen touchpoints. Product Tags within Displays can be used to highlight posts with specific Product Tags in the Display or allow visitors to refine content shown in the Display. Learn more about Displays and the anatomy of Widget and Event Displays.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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